The Best Pizza Of My Life

I've eaten a lot of pizza (homemade, frozen, and restaurant) which I only mention to give added weight to my following statement:  We made the best pizza of my entire life over the weekend!  The best EVER.  Even heated up on the camp stove as leftovers it was STILL the best pizza of my life!  
We wanted to bring some pizza along on our weekend excursion to Lewistown.  Pizza is one of our go-to road trip foods.  It doesn't need to be heated up (though if that is possible all the better!).  It is highly portable.  It requires no plates or utensils to eat.  Perfect for on the road.
So, Matt and I prepared the pizza together.  I made the crust.  He made the sauce and cut up the veg. Then I went to bed while he waited up for it to finish baking.  When it came out of the oven he said he just had to try a piece because it looked and smelled so awesome.  Then he said it was so incredibly good that he almost woke me up (at midnight) to try some.  He didn't because I had to open the library the next day, but I somehow doubt I would have minded too much being woken up for THAT pizza....

The reason for the greatness is, in my opinion, two fold.  One, super-fresh ingredients and two, white flour.  The pizza consisted of homegrown tomato sauce, homegrown peppers, homegrown garlic, homegrown onion, canned artichoke hearts, and Daiya cheese.  All piled on top of a (rare) white flour pizza crust, brushed with olive oil.   Oh.  My.  Goodness.
These tomatoes went from on the vine to on top of the pizza in a matter of hours.
It was so incredibly good!  It was by far the freshest and yummiest pizza ever to tantalize my taste buds.  The all white flour crust shockingly good.  Shockingly.  I guess I've kind of forgotten what it was like since I make almost everything with whole wheat flour or a combination of the two.   It was sort of like when Lisa was visiting and asked for white rice.  It had been ages!  What a delight!  I will be doing my darnedest to replicate it for our next road trip!  That is for sure!


  1. Looking at the ingredients made think--if she grows artichokes and makes her own cheese, this will be an all homegrown pizza. It looks delicious.

  2. I love pizza too! I have some homemade in the fridge for lunch today.


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