Garden Update - Squash

We planted squash in the alley along the fence this year for the first time.  Now that it is going so amazingly well we are sort of kicking ourselves for not doing so years ago.  But, then again I didn't know how much I enjoyed squash years ago.  For as much winter squash as we like to eat and considering how much an organic squash costs at the store we think this is going to make our garden payoff through the roof.  Additionally, squash are so fun to grow...sending out their long tentacles....covered in blossoms and bees...each one a different shape and color.  They're neat.  I love 'em.  And they keep so well.
8/20/2011 Delicata
8/20/2011 Delicata
8/20/2011 Mountaineer
9/2/2011 Kaboucha (This one is not along the fence, but sprawling from a planter in middle of the yard.)
9/2/2011 Unknown variety of volunteer squash.  This plant is HUGE!  It is also not along the fence as it sprouted near the compost pile of its own accord.
9/2/2011 Mountaineer
9/2/2011 Delicata (notice the difference since 8/20?)
9/2/2011 Butternut
Three cheers for winter squash!


  1. How amazing! Can't wait to see what the surprise squash turns out to be!!

  2. I em super anxious to find out too! Undoubtedly there will be a follow up post!


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