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Earliest Pastes.  These are the densest tomatoes I've ever seen.  You know how when you cut a tomato and it sort of juices all over?  These don't do that.  They are almost solid on the inside.  It is pretty fabulous when making sauce as it doesn't take as long for it to cook off and thicken up.

Yukon golds.
The weird pink tomato (left) and an earliest paste for comparison.    It really isn't red....or not the right red anyways.
Pepper, peppers everywhere!

Cayenne peppers.  Sorry the photo is sideways.....Blogger wouldn't agree.

Yellow Indian Beans are starting to fill out.
Mountaineer and butternut squash growing along the fence.

Mountain Boys.


  1. Gross Lisse tomatoes are a bit pink like that and huge...maybe that is what it is. It is obvious why the italians prefer Roma tomatoes for sauce...just as you said, dense and quick in the sauce pot.

  2. We made up some tomato sauce last night. Yummmy. I know we didn't order any grosse lisse, but there could have been a mix-up at the seed company. They do look a bit like that. We had thought they were Cherokee purples, but they never get any darker than this lovely pink. They taste good...whatever they are!

  3. This year through all my tomato seeds I've had some rather weird kind of tomatoes... at first there were normal ones... then the orange ones that were really delicious and sweet and then the pink ones like the one in your picture! It was a real diversity! Congrats on your fabulous garden!


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