A Fruit Picking, Processing Type Weekend

Matt picking at one of the six trees we ended up pick from.  These were possibly the nicest apples of the weekend.
They also had a plum tree just laden with fruit.
A basketful of tomatoes from the garden got transformed into sauce since Matt had all the canning supplies out already.
I think it is quite ingenious how out apple peeler and slicer works.  I really like the look of these spiraled apples.  They are fun.  Like the slinky of fruit.

Naturally I would choose to take a photo of a bruise apple.....oh well.  This device make making apple pie filling easy and enjoyable.  It is my favorite canning task.
Matt is the master canner at our house.  I love him in an apron.  Especially a bird apron!


  1. Nice haul! Oh, I love a man in an apron...
    Congratulations on your good taste in men, Beth.

  2. Will you share with me the brand apple slicer you are using and the model#? Thanks.

  3. It is a Back to Basics Peel Away Apple Peeler (with a clamp base). From what I gather the new models don't have a clamp base but rather a suction cup. I don't know which would be superior, but the clamp works for us. We picked up the contraption at a yard sale last year. I don't think it had even been used.

    And thanks, I think he's a pretty good one! Even better is a man in an apron your mother made. Awwww...... He is so swell.

    Have a great day!

  4. Thanks. I think I would prefer a clamp. I made my sil an apron. I don't think he ever wore it. However, he did request other clothing that he wore on the street.

  5. I didn't tell Matt I posted a photo of him in an apron for all the world to see! : )

    Eh, he won't care.

    I've never made an apron, but it is on my to-do list for this winter.


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