The Cider Press

We've had a very fruit-filled week.  It began when we picked, oh, I don't know, 200+ pounds of apples and plums (only 30 pounds of plums) over the weekend.  So there have been apples peeled and sliced for apple pie filling.  There have been apples simmered to mush and turned into applesauce.  There have been apples for eating more flawless and beautiful than many I buy at the store.  Lastly, there has been making juice to be used in cider and apple jelly, as well as just for drinking!  This was the first year we'd ever made apple juice.  And actually, WE still didn't.  There just wasn't time enough to allow me to go a long to help.  See, the cider press belongs to the awesome parents of our good buddy Josh and they live 20-25 miles away from us.  Because of timing, or lack of time really, Matt and Josh went juice making yesterday whilst I was at work.  I sent the camera though so that I could at least look at the process in some form. This press belonged to Josh's grandfather I believe.
Josh, hand cranking down the press.
Tossin' in apples.
Curse blogger for not liking my vertical photos!
Josh and Matt hard at work...or at least at work.
Mmmmm......yummy juice pouring out the bottom end.
Quite an impressive amount of smushed apple guts....
Josh's dad showing them how its done!
 Matt said it was by far the best and easiest fruit processing he's ever done.  Also, the juice is phenomenal.  Really, just phenomenal.  
(and even more phenomenal when drunk from my stellar new mug!)
I am just a teensy bit jealous at not having been a part of it.  Oh well, we could always go pick some more apples....


  1. OH Fresh squeezed Apple juice and Apple Cider... YUM!

  2. YUM! That juice looks delicious.

  3. And I am just a teensy bit jealous of the autumn haul that you have going over there! Fresh apple juice is indeed something to savour! Lucky you!

  4. It was awesome. Sooooooooooo awesome. We are certainly going to make this an annual routine. Also, now that we know how easy it is so press apples we are going to pick them like crazy next year. 200lbs seems like a lot, but this juice is so tasty that it just really, really isn't enough. Thanks all for stopping by!


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