Daily Yoga Practice

I am once again making an attempt at daily yoga practice.  I am on day five. 
I started a 30 Day Yoga Challenge (i.e. practicing yoga every day) in June.  I made it quite far (three weeks), but then went to family reunion and let my vacation sidetrack me.  I did practice some yoga on vacation, but it was not daily.    Since I failed to make it 30 days I just abandoned my practice for the remainder of the summer evidently....except when the pain gets too bad.

Though I try not to focus on it, I feel that 2011 has been the most challenging year for my in regards to my arthritis, since the year of my diagnosis.  However, yoga makes me feel so much better.  When I practice regularly it improves my flexibility and level of pain quite a great deal.  It makes me have more energy in the morning and have more restful sleep at night.  I am more cheerful and helpful at work and at home because I feel better.  

Yet, I frequently allow myself to fall off the wagon and go months and months without practicing.  I have failed to build time into my day for something that I know is beneficial to myself.  I've been highly inconsistent in my practice.  I've gone to classes every week for months and then, poof, quit.  I will practice a few times a week with yoga videos for a while and then, poof, quit.  I never have done it long enough or regularly enough to form a habit. 

My main reason for my inconsistent practice is that I feel too busy with the library, cooking, sewing, travel, cleaning, garden, etc., etc. to make the time for it daily.  I am beginning to realize this is foolishness.  I make time for what is important and what is more important than my health and sense of well-being?!  It is what allows me to do all those other things I want and need to do.
So, I am just going to do it.  Come hell or high water I will make it through my 30 day challenge this time.  And after 30 days I will have built a time into my schedule so there will be no more excuses.

Also, by sharing this with the world perhaps I shall have added incentive to keep it up this time.....

Oh, and for the record I took these photos in June....my yard is far from green and lovely at this point.  Also, you might notice the lack of squash growing on the fence.


  1. I just wrote today that I need to use a Groupon I purchased (1 month unlimited yoga classes). I prefer group exercise, much more motivating for me. I've never done yoga, always Pilates. And I recently tried Zumba, SO FUN!

  2. Thanks Mary!

    TLC - Yes, group exercise is pretty darn motivating. I would like to start going to the classes again. But, I am also too frugal for my own good sometimes and practicing at home is free, a tempting factor. But, we shall see how I do on my own for a while and perhaps I can sneak in a class here or there.

    I hope your classes do you a lot of good and that you enjoy yourself. I love the way yoga makes me feel.

    I've been considering zumba because I hear it is so much fun. They just started offering a noon hour class where I work. Maybe I will finally go this week.....hmmmmmm...


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