Family Heirlooms

I admire objects and activities that make me feel connected to the past.  Like hanging up clothes on the line.  Or exploring abandoned farms and buildings.  Or kneading bread.  Or walking though old cemeteries.  Or canning.  Even more I admire things that make me feel connected to my own personal past and my ancestors.  Like baking my grandmother's wacky cake. Or sleeping under a mother-made quilt.  Or rubbing the St. Christopher medallion that used to be my dad's.
So, I recently received quite incredible and unexpected gift from my great-aunt Mary Ann: the few remaining pieces of a set of glasses that belonged to my great grandmother.  They are quite beautiful and built quite solidly, quite heavy actually for a glass.  It absolutely thrills me to use them and think of those who used them before me.   To think my water is held in the same vessel as those two generations back makes me feel quite satisfied.  I feel something special just holding one in my hand.  They are infused with something magical that you just cannot feel in a store-bought set of glassware.

When Mary Ann offered them to me she said "I don't suppose you'd want those..."  and I couldn't pounce on the offer quickly enough.  "Yes!  I would LOVE to have them!"
Three small glasses, two large glasses, two small goblets, one large goblet, and one stunning mug.
Now I just have to go through the cupboard and select a few of my old mishmashed collection of glasses to send a number to the thrift shop since we now certainly have more than we need or have space for.


  1. and I'm sure your great-aunt was so pleased to have her glasses so treasured.

  2. I really think she was. Talk about a win, win situation, right?


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