What happened here?!

I went out to water the squash yesterday and noticed that we had our first mishap involving the squash growing in the alley.  There is quite a bit of traffic through the alley and so I had wondered if planting on the outside of the fence was ideal.  But, Matt went with it because he figured our landlord couldn't get too worked up over us tearing up grass outside the fence.
The damage is admittedly very minor.  A broken stake, a crushed fence, and a slightly smashed squash plant.  The vines were not broken and none of the squash fruits were harmed.  

Still, I am curious as to what exactly happened back there.  I am certain it was an accident because if someone was deliberately trying to cause damage they certainly would have caused more, especially to the plants themselves.  I thought perhaps a car, but the damage almost seems to minor for that.  And a soda bottle was left behind inside the crushed, little fence.  Oh well, I'll just hope it was a fluke occurrence of no lasting consequence to me.


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