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When we decided to join a community garden this year it was sort of on a trial basis.  A we'll-see-how-it-goes type thing.  We weren't sure how it would work having a plot across town when it came to tending and watering and whatnot.  However, the community garden plot is paying off beautifully in potatoes.  In two ways really.  One, the potatoes we've harvested have been quite bountiful.  Two, it freed up a large chunk of space in our home garden that we'd previously devoted to potatoes. 
There is a little bunny hidden in that row.
But, then we learned an even greater reason to keep the community plot next year.  Free organic sweet corn.  Heck yeah!  Free organic corn?!  It is too good to be true!

The community garden grows a substantial section of sweet corn for all the gardeners to share.  The thought was that corn takes up so much room and causes so much shade that it is better if individuals do not grow it in their personal plots.  So, we've gotten emails the last couple weeks that the corn is ready and please come get it and then later that it was overripe and please come get more. 
At first we were pretty restrained in our corn harvesting.  We didn't want to hog it by any means and there are only two of us at our house to feed.  However, there was so much corn and much of it was getting overripe and knocked down by the wind.  There seem to be a number of gardeners who have just dropped out (and left their plot to overgrow with weeds) and so the demand for the corn wasn't nearly as strong as we had thought it would be.  So, we went back and picked another dozen ears.  And then we went back the next week and there was still row after row after row after row so we picked a bag full to freeze and enjoy over the winter.   We ended up with 21 cups frozen after all the ears we ate grilled on our new grill.  (Did I mention that a kind friend just gave us a new grill?  He even cleaned it up like new for us.  It is sure an improvement over our little table top one and we can now refill our fuel canisters!)
Hooray for free corn! And free grills for that matter!


  1. Yes! Hurray for free corn and a free grill. If there is any left that is not edible, animals like it. You reminded me. I bought one ear at the store because I was not sure it if were good or not. So, I need to fix that for dinner tonight.

    I am not scolding you, but here is where you can reuse jars instead of using plastic. You might need to buy jars, but then they are yours and you don't have to invest in plastic and won't have freezer burn on frozen things.

    Remember, buy/use straight-sided jars only for freezing. Buy Ball or Kerr. Put a flat box like the flats stores use for cans on the shelf or a plastic container you own in the freezer to keep jars on the shelf. They fall off soooo easily. When the jars are frozen, they break more easily if they happen to fall out as you are fiddling in the freezer or it slips from your hand. It is soooo sad when that happens. If you have a chest freezer, you can use plastic boxes in there to contain jars, too.

    You can figure you have x amount of weeks of corn. That's what I By spacing things I freeze, I can have my own produce all winter. Well, nothing frozen much this year.

    My blog roll did not indicate you had written a post in a few days, so I was shocked to find this one today when it finally did update.

  2. HA! I almost didn't post that photo for shame of my silly plastic bag use. But, in the end I just decided to own up to it as that is what I used. I will offer one justification. I scored a free Costco sized box of ziplocks where only a dozen had been used (ungrateful college student threw them away). Matt and I have been using that box for a couple years. So we had like 12 stupid ziplock bags left and I just wanted to be rid of them yet for some reason can not just toss them out. So, they are now all full of corn and next year I will just HAVE to use glass! Thanks for the gentle scolding!


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