Family Photos

Crazy Eights.
Working in the community garden.
Eli took this photo of me.
An old family favorite: Guess Who
Block stacking championship.
The little blue church, compete with steeple, trees, and red block that I think symbolized flowers
Our little farm: Pond with duck (left), hay stack (center), silo (rear), and  barn (right).
Pioneer wading pool.
And a picnic in the park.
Eli helping Matt kabob up some peppers and tofu.
Potato bags Lisa made Matt for his birthday from fabric in my stash.
Eli's snapshot of me.
Eli's snapshot of his mother.
Eli's snapshot of crazy Uncle Matt.
Grilling with Uncle Matt.

Yummy BBQ and roast veg dinner.
Sister knitting time.
Hot sauce taste test.  Lisa is such a hot sauce nut that she carries around these little packets with her when she travels.  I was sort of shocked to find that I thought McDonald's was the best.  I suppose I have a lingering fancy for it because I used to eat it all the time. Lisa didn't agree with my judgment, but I cannot recall which her pick was for best sauce.
I can feel the family love oozing out of this photo.  Can you?


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