Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Lack of Cougars is Fine By Me

On our drive to Yellowstone last weekend we ended up playing another variation on the car game I posted about a while back--this time with a Yellowstone bent to it.
Riverside Geyser erupting in the background behind two very happy tourists!
There are majestic snow capped peaks in all directions.
Gibbon Falls
As it turned out we did pretty well and saw almost everything we put on our list--only four were left out in reality which are highlighted on the list below.  And I for one am plenty glad that we didn't really see a cougar and I was not at all surprised we didn't pick out any Ukrainians among the other visitors   They may have been there for all I know, but unless they were carrying a flag (and maybe not even then) I doubt we'd have been able to tell.  I also told Matt I thought that answer was a bit cheap considering we already had the more all-inclusive term "foreigners" on the list.
Morning Glory Pool
Lentil and potato soup dinner with grilled bread and tea.
Castle Geyser erupting.
I am going to Yellowstone National Park and I am going to see:
*Black Bear
*Daisy Geyser
* Foreigners
*Intermittent Weather
*Lodge Pole Pines
*North Rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
* Ukrainians
*Xeric landscape
*Yellowstone River
*Zoological density of wildlife
Gibbon Falls.
A YNP driving scene.
Scoping out waterbirds.
A stunning, and seemingly unnamed, waterfall near the north entrance.


  1. You would know Ukrainians because they would be speaking Russian. Most are fair skinned and blonde.

    1. Thanks, Cristy. :)

      I saw a fair skinned and blonde couple, but I think they were speaking Swedish. Now that you mention it I am not sure I have ever heard Russian spoken in my life. I might have to go youtube it.

    2. I love the sound of spoken Russian. :) Good luck with your list.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yeah, very, very fabulous. I love it here. Absolutely love it.

  3. WOW! What a wonderful day! GORGEOUS!


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