Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Simple Woman's Day Book on My Birthday

A Simple Woman's Day Book for My Birthday, May 16, 2013 

Outside my window... the Special Olympics has taken over campus.  Olympic Village is set up right out front of the library.  Every one is so happy and so polite.

I am thinking....of some friends of mine with love and fondness as I remember various birthday celebrations of years past.  Like that time Meagan made me a Care Bear shaped cake with elaborate frosting and then when our backs were turned Herbie, my cocker spaniel, got up on the table and ate most of it.  That was at the only surprise party that has ever been thrown for me.  I was quite surprised, too. Or that silly joint birthday party Alli and I threw at Sundheim bridge.  Or how my very first memory of Jessica was at her birthday party.  She wore stretch pants--possibly stirrup stretchpants--and had a whole wall of her bedroom that was cupboards, drawers, and closets.  Funny the stuff that sticks in your mind.

I am thankful for... having the day off tomorrow AND Monday.  Yay!  Long weekend!  And that after many, many long months my dad's job transfer has come through and he can finally move into his awesome new house that has been completed since October!

From the kitchen... Matt has some big birthday dinner surprise for me.  He is giving no hints and so I haven't really the faintest clue what to expect.  Something decadent no doubt--maybe something fried....I like fried things.  Or homemade pizza.  I think the not-knowing makes the anticipation greater.

I am wearing... the first dress I ever made and a super new scarf which my stepmother, Dana, sent me for my birthday.

I am creating... a knit cap which will soon be seasonally inappropriate, but whatever, its Montana... the snow will return before I know it.  

I am going... on an all day road trip with Matt and both his brothers.  I am super excited because each one of those men is awesome and hilarious.  So, it should be a good trip.

I am reading...three books at the moment.  The Shack by William Paul Young.  The Plains of Passage by Jean Auel which is book four in the Earth's Children series.  I am also still plugging away at The Food of a Younger Land: The WPA's Portrait of Food in Pre-WWII America by Mark Kurlansky which, as I said last month, is a bit dense, but very, very interesting.  There was a poem about how Nebraskans love hot dogs and a recipe for Minnesota lefsa that was almost identical to the one I got from Matt's mom who got it from her mom who live in Minnesota.  I also learned the specifics as to how one makes lutafisk.  No thanks on that one.  

On my mind... is my family.  I don't think I will see any of my immediate family today.  While my birthday will never the less undoubtedly rock that is a little sad for me.  Still, my dad called and sang to me first thing this morning.  My mom sent a card which made me cry with love.  All is good.  I just love my parents and sisters so much--which is a real blessing--I wish we got to spend every holiday occasion together.  We all just live too far apart.
Around the house... I think I may have finally found a simple and easy solution to my double hung windows which come down of their own accord--which is very startling!

One of my favorite things... fresh homemade hashbrowns with a splash my cayenne hot sauce.  Which Matt made for breakfast because he knows they're my favorite.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Bunco with my library pals tonight (with birthday cake!), my dear brother-in-law Adam flies in from California tonight--just in time to celebrate my birthday with me, and then a weekend with my wonderful in-laws golfing (or in my case, reading and walking around the golf course barefoot).

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