Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Garden Fresh Spinach Returns

We thinned our bed of greens yesterday and ended up with a 1/4 lb bunch of spinach and chard, mostly spinach.  We're really keen on this plant thickly and then thin as you go strategy for green as it seems to maximize the yield.

We ate the spinach for breakfast with potatoes and garlic.  It was just as good as I remembered...maybe even better, but there is always that cliche yet true saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder."
I don't really think it was intended in a gardening context, but I find it quite suiting.  Before I started trying to eat more seasonally I never valued fresh spinach or carrots or peas.  They came from the store year round and so were not at all remarkable, not at all to be missed because they never had an off-season on my plate.  I am glad they are remarkable now.  I think it is as it should be.  And boy, after a winter of mostly squash and root veg I am very much ready for the new season of peas and greens.  They tasted so wonderfully fresh and alive.

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  1. And when we did eat spinach when it was in season, how often was it transported from somewhere far, far away. It's only been a couple generations that us commoners haven't had to be concerned about what's in season. And while super market calories are cheap, I think we've missed a lot of "creative cuisine." Enjoy your garden greens!


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