Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Backyard Picnics

We've eaten dinner outside the last two nights now.  For me this is another milestone in the changing of the seasons from winter to spring and summer.  Its a wonderful time of year and we tend to eat outdoors quite a bit if the weather is agreeable enjoying the birds and the clouds and the view of our ever-growing garden.  
It was extra pleasing to me when I noticed my backyard picnic set-up includes a good number of old family items--a black tray with roses painted on it which belonged to my great-grandmother, a picnic blanket made by my grandmother, a green glass that is the last of its kind from my parent's wedding China, a bird shaped water pitcher that was a gift from Adam, cloth napkins sewn by Matt's mother.  I adore these simple things that make life all that much sentimental and unique.
I also enjoy that asparagus is in season again and thus cheap and plentiful at the store.  Hooray!


  1. Oh I so miss being able to plop a quilt or blanket down and simply enjoy a picnic. You can't do that here as the fire-ants would invade and eat you alive. And their stings are not something I'd wish on even my most hated enemy... if I had one.

    1. :)
      Fire ants are a pleasure I've never had....and it sounds like I am not missing a thing!!!


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