Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Planting

We planted our first seeds outdoors on March 30th--peas, carrots, chard, spinach, beets.  It was a nice day and we knew that those particular plants were tough enough to take any snow showers that might still be in store (and as it turned out there were several).
We also planted out some broccoli Matt had grown under lights in the basement as an experiment as to their hardiness   They didn't take the snow very well as the peas and greens did.  In fact, a couple transplants outright died.  But, we'd had far greater germination success with the broccoli than anticipated so we had a few wee plants to experiment on.
We planted potatoes on April 4th, several different kinds and colors.  We're pretty big fans of the potato and always seem to plant quite a bit.   All Blue are our favorite.  They're so pretty and cool looking and very prolific in their fruiting.
The beloved All Blue, our favorite potato.
We also started ourselves an asparagus bed.  See, we both just adore asparagus and we also adore perennial food crops, so win-win.  It will be some years before we get much out of it, but all in due time we will be rolling in the freshest, no-doubt yummiest asparagus I've ever tasted.  I look forward to it already.
The asparagus root stock was pretty strange looking, I thought.
Another long-term planting item on the 4th was two bare root red currant bushes off the front deck.  Yay for fruit.  We hope to keep adding more and more fruit to our garden each year.  Strawberries and raspberries last year.  Currants and blueberries this year.  The blueberries root stock has not yet arrived though.
We transplanted some more broccoli as well as some cauliflower plants on the 30th of April.  They are doing very well, especially compared to those poor plants we popped in the ground a month earlier.
And slowly and surely, things are growing.  Everything is turning green.  The blossoms are open and lovely and buzzing with bees.  Life all around us is renewing and I am oh, so happy.


  1. You're not wasting any time with the new garden arrangement! And those blue potatoes look familiar. Hopefully we shall all enjoy blue potatoes this year. Cheers!

  2. Everything looks amazing, I have been following your gardening expansions silently and am very impressed! Love you guys!

    1. Thanks, bro! Since you've had so much experience with landscapes and growing things I take that as a very high compliment coming from you! We are SO, SO, SO excited to see you soon!

  3. Your garden is looking incredible! I started planting potatoes at the beginning of April, but didn't finish until 3 weeks later because it kept snowing here too! Love the pictures of you sitting and sowing your seeds :)

    1. Thanks, Jamie! Yeah, those pesky and wonderful spring snow storms, right?! We were happy for the moisture, but I was really more in the mood for rain. I hope everything is coming up well for you and that your growing family is enjoying the spring!

  4. Your garden looks AMAZING!


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