Getting Crafty With the Mamas

My mother was visiting over the weekend.  We had no big plans other than to just hang out and be creative.  We spent some time in my craft room and at Jo-Ann Fabrics and then we went over to Matt's parent's house for a card-making date with Sharon.  Both my mother and I have always admired the card's Sharon makes.  My mother also makes cards and so thought maybe it would be a good time for us all to get together and be crafty.  Yay for me!  Crafting with both mamas at the same time!
It was very, very fun.  The time flew by for me in fact.  All the sudden it had been almost three hours!  Sharon helped us each make a super-cute owl card, as well as showed us a number of different ideas and techniques.  Did I mention that Sharon works at Jo-Ann Fabric?  So, it was pretty much like having a personal craft session with an expert.  My mom and I were both pretty darn impressed with all she can do down in her craft space.  My mother in turn talked to Sharon about using fabric in card making, which is my mom's main mode of card making.
I think I could get on board with this making cards business.  Well, other than the last thing I need is a new craft hobby.  But, that said, I might have to set some card-making dates with Sharon again sometime.  It was really fun.  I was very impressed with how many different variations could be made--we made three owl cards and not one of them was the same, nor were any of them the same as the owl cards Sharon had previously made.  I think that's pretty cool.  I already send a lot of postcards and notes.  Maybe it would be even better if I made my own cards and sent them.  I do like making my own postcards already.  Hmmmmm..... yeah....just what I need....a new hobby.
I thought my very first card turned out super well.  I can't wait to pop it in the post to someone, and I think I know just who will appreciate it best.


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