Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How I Ended Up With Two Wheelbarrows

Let me tell you a funny story, well, actually two funny stories, about how I got two wheelbarrows.

See, we'd been wanting a wheel barrow for use in the garden.  We'd been pricing them when my mom said she had one she'd just give to us.  She told me it was only right to give it back to me since she wasn't using it and I was the one who gave it to her.

Funny Story #1:
I do not recall the events at all, but apparently I bought my mother this wheelbarrow more than a decade ago as a replacement because I had lost hers when she allowed me borrow it.  She'd let me use her wheelbarrow to haul firewood with my friends during one of our weekend camp-outs at Sundheim.

For whatever reason (and since I have zero recollection of the whole thing I have no idea what that reason was) I left the wheelbarrow up at Sundheim figuring on going back for it later.  Well, when later came the wheelbarrow was long gone.  So, I had to replace it for my mama.  I think she told me I gave her the replacement for Mother's Day.

So my mom brought this wheelbarrow to live at my house--and told me this story of its origin.  Funny what a person can forget.

Funny Story #2:
Not a week after we finally got a wheelbarrow to use (see story above) Matt and I are cycling to work and what should we find sitting with the trash on the curb?  Another wheelbarrow.  It looked deeper and all around larger than the one my mother gave us and so Matt stopped to check it out after he left me at the library and was on his way back home.

While he was assessing it to determine if it was rightfully in the trash or not a neighbor came out and said "Yeah, I don't why they're throwing that away..."  Matt said he thought he was going to take it home.

The woman, with some confusion asked, "But, what are you going to do with your bike?"

Matt just smiled, "I'm going to put it in my new wheelbarrow."

And he did.  Lifted the bicycle into the bucket of the wheelbarrow and walked it home maybe half a mile.  I can only imagine thoughts went through the minds of the passing motorists.

And now we each have one to use when hauling things around the garden.  Both free--more or less.  Boy, are they handy....especially when compared to the Rubbermaid totes we'd been using as poor wheelbarrow substitutes.
Garbage wheelbarrow in the foreground and Mom's replacement wheelbarrow in the rear.

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