Friday, May 10, 2013

The Miracle of Growing Things

We expanded and planted the garden over the past two months.
It so amazing and fun to watch the transformation.
Seemingly empty beds of soil--and before that the most worthless crop of all--sod.
Add tiny little seeds.
Some water.
Some sunshine.
And all of the sudden you go from straining to see the first tiny little seed leaves first poking from the ground... looking out the bedroom window to see easily visible rows of peas, beds of spinach, clusters of garlic.  
Then before I know it those little plants are big plants....
...and my plate is graced with the best tasting, freshest of vegetables possible brought for from the earth with the help of my own two hands.
Its a miracle every year.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh it sure is. And yes, yum yum--its a miracle you can eat! What could be better?!

  2. We are also planting out garden. And have started harvesting garlic.

    1. Long live the Garlic King and Queen!! That was still probably the best garlic I've ever eaten. Happy gardening to you!


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