Finding the Joys - A Gratitude List

I once had a health professor who told me that "an attitude of gratitude brings you joy."  That phrase stuck in my head and has served me well me all these years.  I have found it to be quite true.  It is all too easy to want for more or for things to be perfect.  When I stop to contemplate how abundant and blessed I am right this very moment though....well, I always just find even more to be thankful for.  Big things and little.  It is a beautiful snowball affect.  

Ginger, basking in the morning sun.

On the other side of the coin, when I get to feeling down I have an extremely UNhelpful tendency to snowball in the opposite direction.  All I can see are the other things that suck or aren't going well and I end up finding more and more to feel down about.  This would be the ugly snowball, I guess.  Cousin to the previously mentioned beautiful snowball.  Matt caught me doing it this morning, in fact.

Matt implemented "Fair Food Week" in August--fresh squeezed lemonade, buttery corn on the cob, nachos, curly fries, fresh-dipped corn dogs, soft pretzels with cheese sauce.

So, this evening, as an exercise in trying to snap back to my sunnier self, I set out to build a gratitude snowball instead.  Maybe it can serve as a little snow cave; shelter to tuck into when I need to remind myself that despite uncertainty, animosity, and chaos there is still so much joy and love and beauty to be found.

A few participants from Hannah's birthday HouseParty earlier this month.

I upped my bathtub game.  Lavender bubble bath.


  1. ...that's quite a list of things to be thankful for...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. That sure is one beautiful and uplifting gratitude list and I will enjoy reading your post links in between tackiling a huge list of to-do's xx


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